Thanks to the experts at Hera Evolution, your systems will always be up-to-date.

Our service
Do you need a professional to take charge of the installation and the implementation of a new release of products such as CA IDMS, IMS, MQ Series, DB2 and CICS? We are the experts that you need!

How this benefits you
This service enables customers to remain up-to-date.  They make sure that the software vendor will be able to continue to provide them with technical support and that they will be able to obtain the necessary hotfixes when required.  Also, by maintaining environments up-to-date, customers can fully benefit from the new software features developed by the supplier.

An example of services rendered
Thanks to our highly secured remote support model, Hera Evolution is able to support the IDMS environment of the police service of a major city, with a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.  Our secured remote support process is able to meet the rigorous standards of this police service. Although we are dealing with a small-size environment, its data is critical.  For this customer we are in charge of supporting highly confidential and hugely important data.  It goes without saying that this customer’s CA IDMS environments must remain functional at all times. For this type of client, DBAs and DCAs from Hera Evolution are led to work in unison. The DBAs manage the IDMS database and the DCAs manage the CA IDMS central version. We also perform software release updates for this customer. This police service currently runs the CA IDMS version 18.

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