Are you thinking of calling on Hera Evolution’s services, but would like to know more about the professionals that form an integral part of our team? Please continue reading to learn more about the profession of a system analyst.

Our service
The system analyst supports the system architect by providing a more detailed and more in-depth knowledge of each of the software components which form part of the company's system. Our system analysts have the main skills to support you on IBM mainframe platforms using the interoperability of all CA IDMS , IMS, CICS, DB2, MQ Series, TCP/IP software, …

How this benefits you
Calling on Hera Evolution’s services enables you to eliminate all risks of finding yourself without the necessary expertise. Why? It's quite simple: we put an entire team of experts at your disposal. You can therefore rely on several professionals instead of entrusting the entirety of this task to a single member of your company. Thus, you have continuous access to a wealth of knowledge from our entire team. We also ensure that backup at an expertise level is provided to you.


An example of support rendered

An example of services rendered

Governmental agencies are in constant need of access to a very high level of mainframe DBA expertise which is not easy to find in today’s marketplace. This is the reason why these governmental agencies willingly rely on the vast experience of Hera Evolution’s experts.

We put at your disposal several senior professionals with many years of experience in the CA IDMS environment:
  • Senior DBAs (senior database administrators);
  • Senior DCAs (IDMS technical support administrators);
  • IDMS Security Administrators;
  • System Programmers;
  • System Architects;
  • System Analysts;
  • Mentoring (coaching) and training experts.

Our services are provided according to our remote support model with a proven track record.  The services are rendered in a secure and efficient manner and are very beneficial to our customers, enabling them to have access to a team of support professionals on a 24/7 basis and at an unbeatable rate.
The next time that you require high-level expertise for your software upgrade, risk mitigation and migration projects consider using the Hera Evolution team. We will be pleased to explore your needs and address your requirements.  We are sure to meet your expectations and to fulfill your needs in a timely manner.  Feel free to visit the other sections of our website for more information concerning our services and our team.