Among other things the Hera Evolution team is also comprised of senior DCAs. Have you ever heard of IDMS support administrators?  It is simply another way of referring to senior DCAs.

Our service
Technical support administrators are responsible for the installation and the maintenance of databases such as IDMS, IMS, and DB2 software. They also deal with the application of software hotfixes (patches). Globally, they are responsible for the assessment, maintenance and the performance of software environments supported by Hera Evolution such as IDMS, IMS and DB2.

In other words, a senior DCA is a technical resource responsible for everything linked to software support and configuration. Specifically, the senior DCAs are responsible for:
  • The configuration of IDMS, IMS and DB2 database environments;
  • The installation procedures of all software and hotfixes (patches);
  • The log and journal archiving procedures for the database software systems;
  • The startup and shutdown procedures for IDMS, IMS and DB2 environments;
  • The data collection and reporting procedures for performance analysis.
  • The in-house tools used for working with the IDMS, IMS and DB2s environments.
  • The installation procedures of all software and hotfixes (patches) for all-related products such as EZ-Reorg, Ezimage, Optim, federation server, TEdit, Sas and CA Easytrieve.
  • The customization of the environments via the writing of exits, the modification to the software and the development of software extensions.

How this benefits you
It is becoming more difficult for large organizations to ensure reliable access to qualified mainframe DCA expertise. Our senior DCAs will ensure that your environments are performing and stable. We offer a high-performance software support strategy and we can ensure that your maintenance procedures and database software will always be up-to-date. We have a well-established strategy for the implementation of patches, data recovery and crisis management. 
By doing business with Hera Evolution, customers are sure to have access to the necessary expertise to ensure that their systems are fully operational at all times. The business model offered by Hera Evolution enables customers to reduce their risk while saving time and money. 

An example of support rendered

An example of services rendered

Governmental agencies are in constant need of access to a very high level of mainframe DBA expertise which is not easy to find in today’s marketplace. This is the reason why these governmental agencies willingly rely on the vast experience of Hera Evolution’s experts.

We put at your disposal several senior professionals with many years of experience in the CA IDMS environment:
  • Senior DBAs (senior database administrators);
  • Senior DCAs (IDMS technical support administrators);
  • IDMS Security Administrators;
  • System Programmers;
  • System Architects;
  • System Analysts;
  • Mentoring (coaching) and training experts.

Our services are provided according to our remote support model with a proven track record.  The services are rendered in a secure and efficient manner and are very beneficial to our customers, enabling them to have access to a team of support professionals on a 24/7 basis and at an unbeatable rate.
The next time that you require high-level expertise for your software upgrade, risk mitigation and migration projects consider using the Hera Evolution team. We will be pleased to explore your needs and address your requirements.  We are sure to meet your expectations and to fulfill your needs in a timely manner.  Feel free to visit the other sections of our website for more information concerning our services and our team.