How to work together
Are you thinking of calling on our services but you would like to learn more on our working methods?
 Please read on.

What we can offer you
First, it is important that you be made aware that our services are mostly delivered remotely using reliable and secure infrastructures.

Here are the different steps that we perform when a new customer calls on our services :
  • We must first understand his environment and analyze his issues. We send the customer a questionnaire to learn more.
  • We exchange ideas with the customer’s team of experts.
  • We provide him with a customized proposal that applies to his needs, since we are aware that each client is unique. Our business proposal is therefore specific to the client’s unique operational environment.
We are aware that each client is unique and so we provide each customer with a customized proposal that addresses his needs. Our business proposal is therefore specific to the client’s unique operational environment.

Rest assured that we respect the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) implemented between Hera and the customer.
  • We deploy the service by taking charge of all technical and administrative aspects.
  • According to the customer's needs, our support team is able to work in parallel with its customer personnel, completely replace or simply intervene when customer personnel is unable to handle a problem or is in need of help to make things happen.
In a nutshell, we offer you an insurance policy to ensure that your CA IDMS, IMS, DB2 database management systems remain functional and up-to-date.  This insurance policy will protect you if one of your employees becomes ill or the problem at hand is too complex and complementary skills are required for a quick resolution!

Customer Achievements

One of our customers is the police department of a major city. We provide this customer with 24/7 support for all CA IDMS environments.

It’s not the size of its environment that is critical, but the nature of its system. We support highly confidential and hugely important data. It is imperative that this customer’s CA IDMS system remains functional at all times.

Hera Evolution DBAs manage the CA IDMS databases and the Hera Evolution DCAs manage the CA IDMS central versions. We also perform software release updates. This customer currently runs the CA IDMS version 18. All of our services are provided remotely using secured remote access and processes that are required to meet the police service’s rigorous standards.

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