You’ve heard of IMS, but you don’t know exactly what it’s all about? This section aims at helping you learn more about this area of expertise mastered by the experts at Hera Evolution.

Our area of expertise
Our services are set-up in two parts. The more technical component puts into evidence the IMS technicians in charge of the installation, the maintenance and the upgrade of the product.  These tasks are performed using an IBM product called SMPE.
  • The second components relates to database administrators. They are responsible for:
  • The monitoring of the databases.
  • The verification of the integrity of the databases.
  • The strategies, the processes and the database recovery procedures.
  • The reorganization of the databases.
  • The performance monitoring of the databases.
  • The support of the development group.
In addition to the IMS software installation, we are also responsible for the installation of all-related tools such as the wealth of tools offered by CA Technologies, BMC Software, etc.

What is IMS exactly?
IMS is a hierarchical database manager developed in the 1960’s for NASA’s Apollo program. It was then commercialized and sold by IBM.

This transactional oriented database system is used by large companies such as banks and those working in the field of insurance. In fact, all the major companies with a large volume of data to be processed in a transactional manner using IBM mainframes are likely to carry an IMS database infrastructure.

An example of services rendered
Hera Evolution provides technical expertise (System Programmer) towards the migration of all IMS database environments for one of the largest energy suppliers in North America.  We also provide database management (DBA) expertise to this customer.  Given the scarcity of qualified IMS experts this customer with IBM are counting on Hera Evolution to contribute towards the completion of a major mainframe migration project. The objective? To provide leading expertise to this major energy supplier in order to ensure the sustainability of their IMS database  environments.

This client has called on Hera Evolution’s experts to migrate their IBM IMS database environments and perform the required software maintenance (system programmers). All these procedures are performed according to the customer and IBM’s maintenance policies. We are also responsible for ensuring the availability and the performance of all IMS databases.

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