Do you want to learn more about the DB2 database? Please read the following.

Our area of expertise
Our services are set-up in two parts: the technical component and the database management component.

The technical component includes the installation, the maintenance and the DB2 software upgrade using the SMPE product.
In addition to installing the DB2 software, we are also responsible for the installation of all-related tools such as the wealth of tools offered by CA Technologies, BMC Software, etc.
The database management component is focused on the monitoring of database performance.

This component also includes :
  • The monitoring of the databases.
  • The verification of the referential integrity of the databases.
  • The strategies, the processes and the database recovery procedures.
  • The reorganization of the databases.
  • The support to the development group.
What is DB2?
DB2 is a relational database used in the transactional and informational field.

It was developed in the 1970’s by Edward S. Codd at the IBM Research Centre. In the mid-1970’s, the SQL project, enabling access to data according to a new standardized data access method, was appended to DB2. In fact, it is this data access method (SQL) that really launched the product. Today, DB2 is used in all transactional and informational environments by large financial institutions, insurance companies and manufacturing and service enterprises. Several clients who use mainframe computers are running the DB2 database on their computer system.

An example of services rendered
For governmental organizations, it is essential to have access, at all times, to a very high level of expertise. It is not always an easy task since these agencies are forced to face significant resource and personnel reductions in the field of mainframe computers and databases. The experts at Hera Evolution are more than happy to put their expertise at the service of these governmental agencies.

By calling on our services, they have access to several professionals who are perfectly familiar with the DB2 environment :
  • Senior DBAs (senior database administrators);
  • Senior DCAs (IDMS technical support administrators);
  • IDMS Security Administrators;
  • System Programmers;
  • System Architects;
  • System Analysts;
  • Mentoring (coaching) and training experts.
All of our services are provided remotely. Our remote support model is secure and efficient and enables customers to have access to a team of experts using a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.  Moreover, our expertise is offered to them at an unbeatable rates!

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