The Hera Evolution experts are able to provide you with the expertise that you are seeking for your CICS Transaction Server systems.

Our area of intervention

Our services are performed at a technical level. Our team is responsible for:
  • The software installation, maintenance and software upgrades using the SMPE product.
  • The monitoring and the performance optimization of the CICS software.
  • The development and the installation of new product features. For example, we have experience implementing the automatic installation of CICS terminals and printers (terminal auto-install).
  • The installation of all-related products such as CA technologies, BMC Software and Compuware.
What is CICS?
CICS (Customer Information Control System) is a transaction management system which was developed in the mid-1960’s and which is run by large companies. It can synchronize database and file updates. It is mainly used for transactional banking and financial systems, as well as by government agencies and insurance companies

An example of services rendered
Using our remote services model Hera Evolution provides its services to one of the largest rail transport companies in North America. This customer can rely on our experts to provide a 24/7 service all of its CICS transaction servers, 365 days a year. We always respect the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) pre-established with this customer. This customer is able to benefit from level one and level two support for all mission-critical problems relating to all of its CICS environments.

We are called upon to resolving level 3 problems and applying the recommended hotfixes by serving as an interface with IBM & CA Technologies support services.  We are also responsible for keeping in contact with IBM and Computer Associates tech support. We are also responsible for maintain CICS TS software up-to-date by applying the appropriate software hotfixes and we ensure that all new CICS  releases are in line with IBM’s support policy.  The goal is of course to ensure that the CICS customer environments are always up-to-date.

We are involved in the recovery procedures in case of "D.R." disaster for all CICS environments for this customer.
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