Since the 1960’s to 1970’s, large companies have developed their computing infrastructures using hardware infrastructures called IBM mainframe. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, new technologies began emerging thus enabling companies to diversify their deployment strategies. At the time many predicted that the IBM mainframe infrastructures would disappear towards the end of the 90’s. Not only did this never take place, but with the growth of data volumes and processing loads along with the democratization of the web, the needs of developed countries with regards to mainframe infrastructures are no longer declining. According to IBM, the number of mainframes is currently relatively stable and the number of "mips" required by the customers is growing strongly. What does it mean? Simply that more and more processing load is assigned to the IBM mainframe platform. At Hera Evolution, we firmly believe that this technology won’t fade away!

Our mission

We are aware that it is very hard to find the necessary expertise to operate all IBM mainframe environments. No need for you to worry, since our mission addresses this exact problem by providing you with quality expertise for your IBM mainframe platforms. That’s not all: we are also innovating our way of making this expertise accessible. How? By providing our North American customers an at distance business model that guarantees them access to the required support and expertise through a 24/7 service.  In doing business with Hera Evolution you are sure to find a solution to your problem because an entire team of long-standing experienced professionals will work with you. 

An example of a service rendered

The largest rail transport company in North America is calling on our services to provide support services for all CA IDMS  environments on a 24/7 basis. We are the level one and level two support for all mission-critical problems related to all CA IDMS environments in accordance with pre-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) established with this customer.
We are also in charge of interfacing with Computer Associates tech support at CA Technologies for the resolution of level 3 problems and applying the recommended hot fixes provided by CA Technologies.
We are also in charge of keeping the CA IDMS environment up-to-date by applying the appropriate software hot fixes and we ensure that all new CA IDMS releases are in line with CA Technologies and the client’s support policy.  We have migrated the CA IDMS environments from release 12 to the current release 17.
We are responsible for the performance monitoring and tuning of all CA IDMS databases (DBA role) and all CA IDMS central version environments (DCA role) at all times. The Hera Evolution DBAs maintain the CA IDMS databases while the Hera Evolution DCAs maintain the IDMS central versions environments.
With regards to the application development teams, our DBA team provides support to the development teams.
We are involved in verifying and testing disaster recovery procedures for all CA IDMS environments for this customer.
All of the above activities are performed from our “remote support facilities” as per Hera Evolution’s business model.
Occasionally and in according to customer requirements our experts may provide on-site support services (i.e. Meetings, DR testing, etc.).