Our service
Would you like to leave the IDMS environment and migrate your data to a SQL type database? The Hera Evolution team can help you.

How this benefits you
Once we are assured that you fully understand the overall impact of a migration, we will be able to help you accelerate this process. It is important to know that migration is not always the best solution. Hence, there are more recent platforms available; meanwhile IDMS still remains the most reliable platform from our point of view. It responds very well to the needs of large companies.

Your decision is made and you want to proceed towards a migration?
We will put at your disposal experienced professionals which will enable you to free your staff from having to handle such a task. Thus, you won’t have to be preoccupied by problems pertaining to migration.

An example of services rendered
During the course of 15 years, Hera Evolution has ensured the IDMS technical support for a high-tech manufacturing company. Our experts were responsible for all tasks relating to the IDMS environments, software installation and maintenance of all six CA IDMS environments, performance monitoring and the implementation of recovery procedures to ensure overall data integrity. Our tasks also involved being in charge of supporting the development team by responding to their requests for assistance in performing database design changes (structural changes to the database).  We also helped them with the update of various components found in the IDD dictionary, as well as the migration of the components towards production. They also benefited from our advice with regards to programming and development of COBOL and ADS/O programs.
We also had the responsibility to write specialized programs in Assembler, COBOL, ADS/O, Culprit and IDMS (EXITS) for the development team thereby facilitating the work of developers.  We created a menu-driven environment using ISPF tools that enabled, among other things, the use of standard compiling procedures and to benefit from tools accessing the IDD dictionaries. The security for the CA IDMS environment was also under our responsibility.

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