Are you searching for experts who are able to help you manage your CA IDMS database management system? Hera Evolution is the company you have been searching for.

Our area of expertise
Our technical support administrators are in charge of:
  • The assessment of the central versions.
  • The installation, the maintenance and the upgrading of the IDMS product and all-related products.
  • The software compatibility tests against the new releases such as CICS, COBOL, etc.
Our senior database administrators are responsible for:
  • The monitoring of the databases.
  • The verification of the integrity of the databases.
  • The strategies, the processes and the maintenance of the database recovery procedures.
  • The reorganization of the databases.
  • The performance monitoring of the databases.
  • The restructuring of databases.
  • The support to the development group.
We also offer training and mentoring services. We are proud to be able to count on Laura Rochon’s expertise, known worldwide as a leader in the area of IDMS database management. This expert is the President of the IDMS Quebec User Committee, since 1996, and Vice-President of the IDMS User Association since 2004. She was in fact President of this international association, from 2002 to 2004. Every 18 months, she participates in the CA World from CA Technologies where she often offers specialized training.

What is CA IDMS?
CA IDMS is a transactional network-oriented database management system, which is widely used by banks, insurance and government agencies. The ancestor of CA IDMS is IDS (Integrated Data Store), a product developed in the early 1960’s by a Charlie Bachman’s team, at General Electric. The product was rewritten by a team of the B.F. Goodrich Chemical Division, in the 1970’s, based on the CODASYL model. It was then that this new product became IDMS, a network database system. An agreement with John Cullinane was then signed for the marketing of the product. In the 1980’s, the Cullinane Corporation began selling the IDMS softare like hot cakes.

The company eventually became Cullinet which was purchased by Computer Associates, in 1989. A few years later, CA Technologies launched the 12th release of CA IDMS, an integrated network database system now including an SQL capability. CA Technologies continues to invest in CA IDMS with the current release of CA IDMS running as V18.5.

An example of services rendered
During the course of 15 years, Hera Evolution has ensured the IDMS technical support for a high-tech manufacturing company. Our experts were responsible for all tasks relating to the IDMS environments, software installation and maintenance of all six CA IDMS environments, performance monitoring and the implementation of recovery procedures to ensure overall data integrity. Our tasks also involved being in charge of supporting the development team by responding to their requests for assistance in performing database design changes (structural changes to the database).  We also helped them with the update of various components found in the IDD dictionary, as well as the migration of the components towards production. They also benefited from our advice with regards to programming and development of COBOL and ADS/O programs.
We also had the responsibility to write specialized programs in Assembler, COBOL, ADS/O, Culprit and IDMS (EXITS) for the development team thereby facilitating the work of developers.  We created a menu-driven environment using ISPF tools that enabled, among other things, the use of standard compiling procedures and to benefit from tools accessing the IDD dictionaries. The security for the CA IDMS environment was also under our responsibility.

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